Welcome to Scotland Can.

Welcome to ScotlandCan, a new platform for fresh ideas in Scotland, set up by the think-tank Our Scottish Future.

Like many others involved in Scottish politics over the last decade or so, I’ve spent most of my time lobbing rocks at the other side on the question of the constitution. The battle continues to be vital and intense, but it has left us divided as a result. This platform is designed, in a small way, to reset that balance.

If now isn’t the time for another independence referendum – as all parties in Scotland now appear to accept, – then we believe now is the time for a better debate. 

Firstly, Our Scottish Future wants to set out ideas on how we improve cooperation across the whole UK. We think Westminster is failing to deliver an inclusive nation and needs urgent reform.

And secondly, we believe our parliament in Edinburgh can do better, now, by acting on the issues that concern us most. 

This site is devoted to that aim.

We will be sourcing contributions from experts, front-line workers, journalists and young people. We seek – and welcome – contributions from Yes campaigners as part of this. 

And our focus will be on six key issues we’ve identified – building a stronger NHS, restoring young people’s education, protecting the environment, advancing Scotland’s place in the world, dignity in work, and delivering social justice.

These are the priority areas Sots are telling us they want to focus on. 

Our aim is to be deliberately provocative. We want to stir debate in Scotland about what is possible, now. We intend to throw out a challenge to all Scotland’s political parties to think bigger and better about the future ahead.

This, we believe, is something we can unite around. Because if Scotland does indeed opt for independence in time, creating a stronger Scotland now, will help.

If you’d like to get involved, we’d love to hear from you – please email info@now.scot or sign up below. By signing up, you’ll get regular emails with our ideas and invitations to our podcasts and events.

Hopefully, the pandemic will soon be behind us. We don’t want to go back to the old way of doing things. Instead, we want to set out the fresh thinking and the positive ideas to help build up the stronger Scotland we all want to see. Please join us.

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