ScotlandCan Campaign Launched Today

A new campaign is being launched to make the case for change, and to highlight what Scotland can do.

Created by the think-tank Our Scottish Future, ScotlandCan aims to set out the argument for positive action in Scotland. ScotlandCan will focus on key priority areas – the NHS, education, the environment, jobs, and Scotland’s global links.

It will begin with a focus on support for Scotland’s carers. ScotlandCan will also examine ways to boost education after lockdown, build on Scotland’s reputation for environmental protection, and deliver social justice in the wake of the Covid pandemic.

It will provide a forum for experts, young Scots and frontline workers to set out fresh thinking on how to create a fairer, stronger Scotland.

Our Scottish Future was set up by former Prime Minister Gordon Brown in 2019 to offer positive ideas for change for Scotland in the UK.

The think tank supports reform of the UK to deliver a more cooperative union. It is calling on the UK Government to commit to fresh review of the country’s governance following the Covid pandemic.

The new campaign is focussed on how Scotland can deliver progressive action now under the existing devolved settlement.

Eddie Barnes, project manager for Our Scottish Future says today: “The pro-independence movement has rightly argued that those of us who want to remain in the UK need to make a positive argument. This new campaign is about showing what we can do, not focussing on what we can’t. It isn’t about saying No, it is about making the case for action now.”

“We know that Yes and No voters are divided on the constitution. But we also know that they share many priorities for after the pandemic – building a stronger NHS, restoring our education system, creating a greener Scotland, and providing dignity in work.”

“We want to showcase some of the radical ideas that are possible on how we can do that, looking at where things have gone right over the last few years, and starting a debate about how we can improve still further.”

“The aim is to provoke some fresh thinking and to stimulate ideas about how devolution can transform Scotland.”

Full details of Our Scottish Future can be found here.

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